Where to watch 2022 online casino expansion in North America

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To be optimistic about the year ahead, watch TIC Tac, Taylor Swift, and the online gambling industry. All three “smell 2022”.

The first concern the # ImFeeling2022 hashtag and Swift urging listeners to “forget the sorrows” while wishing her cat a happy 22nd birthday.

The latter bases his optimism on the continued success of the New Year, with at least one Canadian province and two US states possibly set to join the list of legal online casino markets.

Ontario is expected to expand its iGaming market to include private operators in early 2022. Currently, Canada’s most populous province offers online casino games exclusively through the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

When it comes to online gambling in the United States, no state is yet on the verge of legalizing or launching an online casino. However, Illinois and Maryland are most likely to exert themselves in 2022.

It is not an unrealistic hope. After all, at the start of 2021, Connecticut hadn’t even passed a law. On October 19, however, it became the fifth state to offer both legal online casino games and sports betting. Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia complete the quintet.

Online casinos look to add to 2021 winnings

States that wish to join the online casino industry in 2022 already have references.

In 2021, three states generated $ 1 billion in the income of online casinos. New Jersey and Pennsylvania reached this milestone in October, while Michigan waited until the approach of the holidays. Although the Wolverine State only launched its online casinos and sports betting at the end of January, Michiganders managed to create $ 992.2 million in gross gaming revenue for the state through November.

The top three iGaming states will surpass $ 1 billion in revenue in 2021 and two have already done so.

Data courtesy of NJ DGE, MGCB and PGCB

More, ConnecticutThe online casino market in is poised to overtake the relatively old market in West Virginia online gambling market. None of them will ever compete with the incomes of the three national rulers, of course. Their monthly totals are in the single-digit millions compared to the triple-digit income totals in each of the larger states.

Ontario Expands Online Casino Offerings

In an effort to bring gray market operators in the sheepfold, Ontario created legislation based on Criminal Code of Canada which governs online gambling. Alberta officials announced similar intentions earlier in December.

Ontario is much further along in its market expansion process and was initially hoping to launch this month. The province already has potential online casino operators on the ground bracing for action. New operators are joining gray market operators, who must stop betting in Ontario before they can apply for an operator agreement.

Once the online market grows, Ontarians could spend up to $ 1 billion on the online game every year. This is the amount that Office of the Auditor General of Ontario (OAG) says they’re already spending on OLG and unregulated gaming sites.

The OAG also recently warned officials that Ontario’s larger market could violate federal law.

Are Illinois and Maryland Online Casinos Possible in 2022?

Of all the other American states, Illinois and Maryland presents the greatest hope for new legal online casinos in the United States in 2022.

In early 2021, online gambling insiders were excited about the possibilities for Illinois. It’s almost 13 million residents, along with the promise of commuters from border states without legal online casino games, predicted great income opportunities.

At a meeting of the legalization committee, Representative Bob Rita asked those who testified whether online casino games would cannibalize the revenues of retail casinos. Not only did the interveners testify that the modernization would not result in layoffs at retail casinos, but they argued that it could complement their retail efforts and increase total gaming revenue.

On June 1, however, the Illinois General Assembly adjourned without passing an iGaming bill. The body could review the legislation when it meets again on January 12. Unlike the states that legalized online casinos in 2021, Illinois already has an active online sports betting industry.

This would also be the case for Maryland.

Although Maryland’s legal online sports betting is launching in fall 2022, the state of 6 million residents has yet to add any online casinos to the mix. Any legislative effort to modernize Maryland’s gaming industry requires voter approval through a referendum.

Launching online sports betting in a particular state doesn’t necessarily mean that they will endorse online casinos, of course. Like Legal sports report notes, sports betting takes online bets in 16 states plus the District of Colombia. Internet sports betting is legal but not yet active in Louisiana, Maryland, and New York.

Perhaps, however, state lawmakers will be a little relieved of the coronavirus worries in 2022 and can channel Swift’s words:

“I don’t know about you

But I feel 22

Everything will be alright”