Online Casino Terminology You Need to Know

In the online casino community, hundreds of different terms are regularly used. At first it may sound like a foreign language. After a short while, however, it all makes sense. The more you memorize, the better.

If you’re a total beginner, it’s recommended that you start learning the terminology now so you don’t accidentally get caught off guard mid-game when there’s money at stake. After all, it’s the last result you want to get!

As a friendly gesture, this guide is going to tell you about the main online casino terminology you need to know for the rest of the 2020s.


First, let’s discuss the meaning of double down.

Double down is a term commonly used in blackjack. This means doubling your cards after receiving your initial hand. A player will only double down if their hand is strong (a low total).

If you’ve never played blackjack before, you should only double down when you’re very confident. Otherwise, you run the risk of sending your hand value above 21 and losing the game.

“Edge of the House”

In the casino world, casinos (and their dealers) are referred to as “the house”.

The “house edge” is the mathematical advantage the casino has over you (the player).

For example, when playing roulette, the casino always has a house edge. This is because of the ‘0’ and ’00’ on the roulette wheel (which are colored green). If you bet on red or black, the ball can still land on one of the green slots, giving the casino a mathematical advantage over you.

“Deposit bonus”

When you first join an online casino, you will likely be offered a deposit bonus.

In a nutshell, a deposit bonus is when you receive a reward (or “gift”) just for making a deposit. Today, there are many ways to make deposits and transfer money online.

A typical example of this is:

Deposit $10 today and receive a $20 free deposit bonus.

In this case, that would mean you would have a total account of $30 to play with ($20 of which you received for free). Not bad is not it ?

When looking for an online casino, be sure to choose one that offers regular deposit bonuses, as this is a good way to maximize your experience.


A payline is the row of symbols you see on any slot machine.

The objective is to land a winning combination of symbols on the payline so that you win. For example, on a 3 reel slot, 3 cherry symbols would do this for you!


Finally, there is the classic term “all-in”.

Going all-in means putting all of your playing funds into play. Typically, you will see this happen in poker games when a player attempts to scare others by putting all of their chips into play. James Bond has it made in the classic movie Casino Royale (2006).

Likewise, if you’re playing online roulette, for example, you can go all-in by putting all your bankroll on either red or black. However, it is recommended not to do this often, as it is a high risk strategy.

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Written by ChrisPosted on 2022-09-17 07:59:32