Main types of online casino games

Casino games are various forms of entertainment, mostly games of chance, which you can bet on and collect rewards for winning. A lot of these gambling games can be found online, which is the way to play if you want convenience, excitement, and security. You can play gold starBetway or any other major online casino.

There are many ways to play your money, and some of them are not just copies of “real world” games. Many are inspired or taken verbatim, but there are also unique ones. The bottom line is that there’s plenty to do here, and certain types of games are more popular than others.


Slot machines are perhaps the most popular online casino game. It’s similar to the many slot machines you can find everywhere offline, but there are also special predispositions, so to speak. For example, there are no limitations on combinations, number of slots, or aesthetics. And this is true for many other games.

The slots are defined by several moving parts on which images are printed. These are the name locations. You are probably familiar with the general image that has various fruits and berries printed on these slot machines. You have to spin these slot machines. The more matching images you have after a generally random rotation, the bigger the rewards.

As mentioned, there are no limitations on the number of slots, images, and combinations if you’re playing online. There can be 3, 4, 5, 6, and many more slots – most people choose 5, though. It’s a good compromise between “too little” and “too crazy”. But you can choose anything.


Card games are self-explanatory. They are all united by the fact that cards are played on the table. Poker, blackjack, baccarat – these are all card games. Besides them, there are also exotic and regional games with their own use of cards. What they all have in common is that the cards are dealt by one person and they interact with each other.

A person, aka a croupier, is not found in online casinos. That is, most classic card games don’t have one. There is either a static image stuck on your screen, no one, or a live dealer. But the latter refers to a special category of games called live casino – more on that in a jiffy.

The main difference between online card games is that the turns are faster, but that’s it.


A live casino is a kind of entertainment that combines your regular game with live broadcasts. Basically, you’re getting a stream of real events from somewhere – either filmed by the provider or just borrowed from a casino. It doesn’t matter because all you have to do is bet against the hand the dealer on screen has.

The good thing about this phenomenon is that you can be face to face with a real dealer, which is an underrated advantage. It makes the game process more personal and involved. You can actively follow their hands and hold your breath whenever a potentially winning card is drawn.