Jackpocket chosen leader for the launch of the online casino

Lottery app jock pocket is at the top of last week Mega Millions fame resulting from the frenzy of buying tickets for Friday $1.3 billion jackpot.

New Jersey’s western neighbor saw the Pennsylvania Lottery crash of the site that day under a 1700% increased traffic, ABC reports.

As a result, Jackpocket ranked #1 in the App Store’s entertainment category last week. This week he discusses plans for his first online casino app which will debut in the US iGaming testing capital of New Jersey.

To that end, New York-based Jackpocket created a position of vice president of interactive gaming ahead of the launch of its online casino in New Jersey. John Worthington talk to NJGamblingSites.com about his new role.

The questions are in bold and his answers follow verbatim.

NJGamblingSites.com Q&A with John Worthington

What are your goals for this role?

I’m thrilled to be at Jackpocket at such an incredible time of growth and excited to help the company get into online casino as a new vertical. The ultimate goal is to create an exciting new way for players to engage with us.

Your most recent role was in online sports betting outside of NJ (Betly). How will your move to an online casino in New Jersey change your approach?

(I also see that your roles before that were in online casinos that crossed into New Jersey.)

I have been involved in a number of online casino and sports betting launches, and am delighted to bring that experience to Jackpocket Online Casino.

What should you do to prepare for the launch of your online casino in 2023?

We are currently in the process of selecting technology and content providers, recruiting key positions to help us launch, and finalizing our go-to-market plans. The next quarters will be very busy to prepare.

How do you expect the casino lottery crossover to compare to more traditional casino sports betting conversions?

We expect a similar or better crossover from casino lottery as we would typically see from casino sportsbook, but it will come down to executing a great product for customers already in our ecosystem. We aim to release a product as quickly as possible, but we will not compromise on quality in the process.

How does the typical Jackpocket user differ from a traditional online casino user, and will your games catalog reflect this?

We will certainly offer the traditional types of games that online casino players know and love, but we are also focused on catering specifically to lottery players in our user base. You’ll see this reflected in our game catalog, as well as the overall customer experience.

Are there any regulatory challenges associated with the fact that lottery couriers and online casinos are legally quite different?

For example, will players be able to order lottery tickets using their casino account balance, or will they have to have two separate wallets?

Our focus today is on a great casino product that we can promote to our Jackpocket customers and make that journey as smooth as possible.

What sort of market share do you think is reasonable to aim for as a latecomer in the crowded NJ market?

Are you different enough to stand out?

We are entering a crowded and mature online casino market, but have been operating as a lottery courier in New Jersey for nearly three years as a leader in this space. We believe that product differentiation and a loyal customer base [are] a great base to grow from and I look forward to sharing the product with the NJ market.