Is online casino gambling legal in Meghalaya?

In India gambling is considered a sensitive subject. As Indians, we like to engage in harmless betting and gambling from time to time, especially during festivals. But we always do it in the safety of our own homes, within the trusted circle of friends and family.

In much of the country, gambling is considered a bad habit, to the point that physical casinos are legally prohibited almost everywhere. Some states allow games of skill while gambling is considered illegal.

Across India, the legality of gambling, physical or virtual, is still a delicate situation. In most Indian states, physical casinos are illegal, but online gambling is permitted (unregulated) as long as the casino website is operated by an offshore entity.

This means that it is safe to play casino games on online gambling sites as long as the company that operates this website is based outside of India.

Only some states, such as Goa, Sikkim, and Nagaland, have legalized both online casinos and physical in-person gambling. In February 2021, Meghalaya became the third state in the Northeast to regulate online gambling under a license-based regime.

Earlier in 2021, the state of Meghalaya passed its latest law on gambling (Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Ordinance 2021) which legalized many gambling activities within the state, including games of skill. and games of chance.

From now on, all betting and gambling activities in the state of Meghalaya will be supervised and regulated by the Meghalaya Gaming Commission. According to this law, gambling licenses will be granted for five years to Indian companies and Indian citizens. These licenses will be renewable every five years.

What does the government of the Meghalaya take away from this arrangement? Income, in the form of a gaming royalty, which licensees will have to pay for the license. The gaming fee will be a fixed percentage of the gross revenue generated by the gaming operation in question.

Thus, it can be conclusively stated that online casinos are now completely legal in Meghalaya. Once the Meghalaya Gaming Commission exists, residents of Meghalaya can freely and legally participate in physical and online gambling activities, without fear of breaking any laws.

While this is great news for the people of Meghalaya, people who do not live there should not be put off. As we said earlier in this article, online casinos (only those operated by foreign companies) are not regulated in most Indian states, so you can play online casino games at such. sites without fear of legal repercussions.

If you are new to online gambling and have no idea where it is safe to play online casino games recreationally, we’ve got you covered. You can visit to find the most suitable online casino for your needs.

As long as the casino website you choose is operated by an offshore company, accepts payments in Indian Rupees, and makes payments in a safe and reliable manner, you can be entertained by fun and sophisticated casino games that provide the same. thrill that real gambling dens.

While you should always keep in mind that gambling can become addictive if left unchecked, there is no reason why you cannot sometimes enjoy recreational and responsible online gambling, purely. as a form of entertainment. Never think of gambling as a way to earn money.

Hopefully this is something the people of Meghalaya will also remember when they enjoy the benefits of their state’s new gambling regulation law.