Indiana Online Casino Bills Crash and Burn in Record Time

Credit: AP Photo/Tom Hemmer

Well, that was quick. It’s just one month in 2022 and Indiana lawmakers both introduced and then removed online casino bills.

HB 1337 and HB 1356 were two weeks old when they died in a Indiana General Assembly Committee. They were the greatest hope for another state entering the list of legal states with online casino gambling.

The rhythm of this rise and fall recalls the famous Indianapolis 500cars that run more than 190 miles per hour. However, these vehicles go for 200 rounds and 500 miles.

Indiana iGaming legislation didn’t go that far.

online poker reportthe sister site of, PlayIndianaexplain why :

“The House Public Policy Committee did not advance iGaming gaming bills by Tuesday’s deadline for reporting committee bills.

“It ends the possibility of the online casino going down the standard legislative route. And, while there are ways the Senate could get creative with reigniting the issue this session, Senator Jon Ford tells PlayIndiana that the political will is not there at the moment.

The online casino industry was full of hope

January 19, iDEA Growth (iDevelopment and Economic Association) shipped RPO an estimate of Indiana online casino’s likely earnings. Using HB 1356 as a benchmark, iDEA presented research showing that Indiana would see $500 million in new gaming tax revenue.

the Hoosier State would also have taxed operators at 18%if any of the bills had become law.

However, efforts stalled on the starting grid. This leaves Illinois as the only state with active online casino legislation in 2022, and its chances this year aren’t great either. There is, however, an external chance that another state like Iowa Where Maryland could float a bill. And north of the border, there was good news, like Ontario now has a launch date for its online gambling marketplace.