How to play as a beginner in an online casino

Your first bet in a casino will always be a nervous occasion. It could even be described as a bit overwhelming, as you’re faced with hundreds of games and lots of on-screen text. While all of this is going on, you are assaulted by the strongest sense that you are supposed to know what everything means – and the accompanying fear of not knowing anything at all.

Everyone has this experience the first time they play online casino games, try a site they saw advertised on the side of a bus, or play at the best casino in Montreal. It takes some getting used to, and it can be a steep learning curve. If the games appeal to you, but the experience seems like a bit too much, then it pays to keep the following tips in mind for a newcomer to playing at an online casino.

Don’t play long odds

Of course, this seems obvious, but let’s point it out nonetheless. Long odds mean that something is unlikely to happen. Yes, they also mean that if he Is happen, you’ll earn more, but the risk-reward balance is really off kilter here. You might tip over to the roulette table and say to yourself, “OK, 7 is my lucky number, I’m going to bet on 7 until it comes up.”

There’s only so many numbers he can land on, right? So it will reach 7 soon enough, and you will be 35 times better off. Except no…it could easily take over a hundred spins to land on your chosen number. You are better off taking outside bets, such as red or black, odd or even bets, which will be pay earlier. If you get ahead in the count and understand that it’s still astronomically unlikely to happen, you can put a small bet on a chosen number at that time. But don’t do it too soon, you’ll kill your bankroll and ruin the experience.

Play demo games

When it comes to playing slots, there is always a lot of action on screen and it can get distracting. The lights flash, the music plays, it’s a feast for all the senses. It’s a lot of fun, but it can also be confusing. You can’t afford to be confused when there’s money involved, so try some demo games before playing the same game for real. This way you will get used to the process and know what you are doing when you deposit money. Don’t spend tens or even hundreds of dollars getting used to something when you can do it for free.

Don’t think it will always be the same

Beginner’s luck doesn’t really exist, but there is such a thing as succeeding through thick and thin, and when it happens to you, it’s easy to think you’ve mastered the game. The casino gods often give with one hand and resume on the other, so if your first round of betting went well, don’t confuse that with the norm. Sometimes, even if you make smart and safe bets, you will still lose. Sometimes you lose ten times in a row and you think about the next one to have to break away. And then it’s not. Why would it be? If the Canadiens lost ten games in a row, would you back them to win Game 11?

So get started with a plan: if you lose an amount large enough to be irritating but small enough not to hurt your budget, walk away. Things are not going your way, and they are as likely to get worse as they get better. Clear your head and come back another time. The more you think about a loss, the more it will distort your thinking – and you need to be lucid to play in an online casino.

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