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The sports memorabilia market is heating up right now, and the record amount paid for the last iconic jersey Wayne Gretzky wore for the Edmonton Oilers is clear evidence of that.

Even if you don’t have huge sums available to buy meaningful items that once belonged to your favorite players, it’s fun to see how many wealthy fans are willing to donate. Let’s discuss what makes this jersey so special and what else hockey fans can do to show their support.

A game-changing auction lot

When the hammer fell on the recent sale of Gretzky’s jersey, a jaw-dropping $1.452 million winning bid was made to secure this otherwise totemic piece. standard hockey equipment.

This easily overturned the $1.2 million paid for another jerseythis time worn by Paul Henderson, to set a new record for hockey-based auction lots.

This type of sale is always interesting, in the sense that it is not only the historical value of the land that is at stake, but also its investment potential. The buyer is no doubt hoping that Gretzky’s legendary status will grow over time, along with the value of the shirt.

How to watch the Edmonton Oilers play at home

If you want to catch the incredible Edmonton Oilers in the flesh, you can find a ticket for their next game via the web and also plan your game day visit in advance.

There’s something unbeatable about attending a hockey game in person, and the atmosphere just isn’t something you can recreate when watching the coverage from your own home.

Why this jersey in particular?

There are many authentic jerseys worn by Gretzky, so what makes this one so special and valuable?

Well, as mentioned, it comes from the last game he played before leaving the Oilers in favor of a move to the LA Kings. He also has the honor of coming from a Stanley Cup playoff game that had to be replayed due to a power outage midway through the first attempt.

Gretzky’s outstanding performance was crucial to his side’s victory, and post-match celebrations saw him generously poured champagne over his head, resulting in visible stains on the sold shirt.

Other Auction Highlights

Any association with Gretzky helps sports memorabilia sell, and the jersey wasn’t the only item worn by him to go under the hammer.

Just over $204,000 was paid for gloves he briefly used to protect himself in the aforementioned playoff game, demonstrating that even seemingly anonymous items can fetch a pretty penny if they have the right pedigree.

Of course, even the $1.452 million the jersey commanded isn’t even close to being the most expensive sports memorabilia ever sold, when you include items from all sports, not just hockey.

The Guinness Book of World Records reports that the current favorite sold in May 2022 for £7.142 million, or $8.823 million. In this case, it was another match shirt, this time the one worn by loyal footballer Diego Maradona in the quarter-finals of the World Cup since 1986.

The particular match in which the shirt made an appearance was between Argentina and England, in which Maradona’s notorious goal set his team on course to eventually win the entire tournament.

This record will undoubtedly end up being beaten, even if it is difficult to imagine being able one day to justify such an investment.