How and why iGaming aggregators make life easier for online casino operators

All online casino operators know that to be successful they must meet the needs of their audience. This means incorporating games that appeal to players in your target market, providing payment options with relevant currencies, and offering competitive jackpots. But how can they make the process of integrating these solutions into their platform simple and smooth? This is where iGaming aggregators come in.

Aggregators connect casino operators with game providers, payment systems, affiliate program solutions and other industry stakeholders. This gives operators quick access to everything they need for their business. But how does it work?

How is the process going?

In the iGaming industry, aggregators make life easier for casino operators by providing them with everything they need at once. They sign game content distribution deals with a variety of game development studios, ending up with hundreds of partners, meaning they can provide their customers with whatever they need based on their markets. targets.

Game content from all aggregator partners is brought together in a single module so that it can be seamlessly integrated into online casinos via a single API. The aggregators then receive a revenue margin (GGR) generated from the game content provided by the operator in the form of a commission.

The same method is used for payment systems, affiliate programs and promotional tools – aggregators can put them together after careful analysis and selection, then integrate them into the operator’s platform in a single session. .

Why is this model the best choice for operators?

While embedding game content directly from the provider saves the operator from paying a commission to the aggregator, the aggregation business model has advantages that ultimately pay off:

1st — Save time

When working with an aggregator, operators don’t need to waste valuable time discussing the terms and conditions of contracts with each game provider they want to add to their platform. Instead, this time-consuming process is handled by the aggregator’s dedicated legal team.

With the help of an aggregator, operators can feed their platform with titles from as many different developers as they want and only sign one contract. By offering multiple providers under one contract, the aggregator saves paperwork and operator time that could be better spent elsewhere.

2nd — Guaranteed technical excellence

Aggregators also save operator technical staff time and effort by ensuring that content from multiple game providers is integrated into a single session with a technical API solution.

Typically, aggregators also resolve technical issues that may arise, so operators do not need to communicate directly with game developers.

3rd — Continuous Support

Cooperation with aggregators also allows operators to benefit from ongoing support. Aggregators not only take care of the technical issues of the platform but also provide account management and technical support. Having unified support for a batch of vendors instead of a separate contact for each vendor is significantly more convenient for operators and ensures that no issues are missed or overlooked.

More details on what it’s like to work with aggregators are also available in video format on the Slotegrator Academy YouTube channel. The project was started to educate iGaming website operators, giving them the tools they need to succeed in their target market of choice.

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