GTA Online Casino Podium Vehicle: The Penetrator (February 17)

This week, GTA Online players can try their luck at winning the Ocelot Penetrator. He is sitting on the Casino podium and is on the right lap. The Penetrator is heavily based on a real life Jaguar car.

The Penetrator has featured in previous GTA titles in the past. Namely, Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.

“Close your eyes. Think back to your teenage years. You’re lying in bed, your hand spinning with incredible speed under the covers, your eyes fixed on the torch-lit center folds pinned to the back of your closet. That sumptuous body, those exquisite curves, that puffy rear exhaust. Now open your eyes. Your hand is still in your pants, but the dream is real. Finish the job.” – Legendary Motorsport

The car can be purchased in GTA Online for $880,000, but this week it’s free for lucky players.

GTA Online: Ocelot Penetrator on the podium

Players who do not own but wish to own a Penetrator can simply walk into the Casino and spin the wheel. Luck favors the brave and players have a week to try it out. For those who want to sidestep the game of luck and try other ways, Redditor u/Ghost10four can help.

Price and performance

The Ocelot Penetrator is the GTA 5 Online variant of the actual Jaguar XJ220. The car also shares tiny resemblances with other cars like the Lamborghini Diablo VT, Bugatti EB 110, and Chevrolet Corvette Indy to name a few.

The Penetrator belongs to the sports car class in the game and can be picked up for $880,000 from Legendary Motorsport. It is a 2-door car and is a great option for racing due to its great handling and acceleration. The car reaches top speeds of 199 km/h (124 mph) and sticks very well to corners.

The car comes with tons of customization options, and players can go all out to make it unique. Fitting a specific spoiler to the car can also make it look a lot like the Jaguar XJ220S (a motorsport variant of the XJ220). The Penetrator is powered by a V12 engine mated to a 5-speed transmission. The exhaust note is shared with Kuruma and Bifta.

The vehicle can be stored in any of the player-owned garages. It can be changed at Los Santos Customs. Players looking to sell the vehicle can recoup 60% of the stock cost plus 60% of the applied mods.

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